Libertas invests opportunistically in a wide variety of asset classes, including: operating companies, precious metals, real estate, distressed debt, royalty instruments, and others.
Libertas has interests in a number of companies, including the following:

First Aid Beverages is formulating a proprietary line of clinical beverages in conjunction with some of the world's leading physicians. The company's management team comprises former executives from leading global beverage and healthcare companies.

GlobalPay represents the next evolution in application service providers for the multinational enterprise. Combining leading-edge technology with unparalleled customer service, GlobalPay makes available the first fully integrated, global payroll solution in the industry.

KORE is the leading construction industry consulting firm advising contractors on strategic issues of growth.

eTemp manufactures energy-saving devices for commercial refrigeration applications, serving over 30% of the largest hospitality chains in North America.

Mobility is everywhere and connectivity is a major and growing expense. Validas is the global leader in Mobile Intelligence. Our patented VERA platform transforms mobile billing data into actionable information in seconds, allowing every mobile user the ability to identify trends, compare patterns and change behavior.

Environmentally friendly car washing for retail and wholesale customers.

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